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Why Many Older Men are Dating Younger Women Overseas

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There are a lot of reasons that love can be found through international dating. | Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

There are a lot of men who would be considered old that are dating younger women and there are quite a few reasons for these relationships with significant age gaps. Sometimes, those reasons are romantic. There are also quite a few times wherein the basis for the relationship is more akin to an economic exchange as opposed to a loving relationship. Either way, there are more than a few online dating statistics that can encourage all types of men to pursue all types of relationships.

The thing about dating is that there are all types of people that do it. While most couples will generally be within the same age range and be close enough in age (that they will have the same cultural touchstones and the same general life experiences), there are also couples wherein there is a significant gap in their age (even a generational one).

There are many men who are dating a younger woman and the reverse is also true. There quite a few relationships wherein there is a gap between the two partners, though the age gap is generally pretty small in most cases. There are also many cases wherein the age gap is a little more significant, enough so that the relationship can be misconstrued as paternal rather than romantic at a glance.

The reasons for a relationship are many and varied, but those reasons can become a little more varied when a significant age gap is put into the mix.

Ultimately it all boils down to preference. Sometimes, many people go overseas in order to find a partner who may be significantly younger than they are. Here are some of the main reasons why older men are dating younger women overseas:

  1. A Torrent of Local Rejection
  2. A lot of people who engage in international dating generally do so because they have been unable to find a partner in their own backyard. Maybe these men have gone beyond their own community and tried other places within their locality, but have been unsuccessful when it comes to love. So they decide that their best chance to find love is overseas.

    So a lot of guys pack their bags, get on a flight, and then hope that they can find themselves a partner who will love them or at least tolerate their presence enough to not actively detest them.

  3. A Lack of Local Options
  4. Sometimes, it is not the men who get rejected. Sometimes, it is the men who are turning down women. Maybe the women in their area do not appeal to them for one reason or another. They decide to go for online dating to find a suitable partner for themselves. They even brush up with some online dating articles to prepare themselves for the experience.

    The women from other countries may not have those same deal breakers that the local women have, which makes them a tad more appealing to a certain type of guy. The point is these men want a certain type of woman that they may not be able to find from where they are.

    Maybe the women at home are more focused on their own pursuits. Perhaps they’re more focused on their own personal and professional growth and fulfilment that they put off being wives and mothers; whereas the men in their area want someone who wants to settle down and be a wife and mother.

    Well, there are more than a few women overseas that are more than happy to settle down with an older man in a western country. So many men decide that dating overseas is their best bet to find the kind of life that they want.

  5. There is an Arrangement in Place
  6. Not all romantic relationships are grounded in love. Some of them are arranged and other relationships are rooted in a transaction. Maybe the woman has something that the man wants and the man has something that the woman wants and they work out some type of arrangement that’s mutually beneficial.

    There are quite a few men who are dating younger women who have such a relationship and they may find themselves to be perfectly happy with what they have. As long as everyone involved is happy and nothing illegal goes on, it should mostly be fine.

  7. A Desire to Experience Another Culture
  8. Some people like to think themselves multicultural. Some people like to be worldly and knowledgeable about matters that would be considered foreign to them. So they go out and date women who are from different countries.

    Some guys like to open themselves up to the world and the women just happen to be part of the world to which they open themselves. So many guys log on to free online dating sites and find their international match.

  9. Love Happens
  10. There are times when a man finds himself on a dating app and then meets someone and falls head over heels in love that they don’t care that the woman is younger or in a different country.

    There are more than a few times wherein a person just falls in love and that just happens to be that. There’s nothing to be done about it other than to lean into it and embrace it. Love simply happening between two people despite significant differences in age and geographical circumstance is not an entirely unheard of phenomenon.

    It may not be something that happens everyday, but it is something that does happen every now and then. Lightning does strike when you least expect it.

    There’s no magic formula for catching lightning in a bottle and hoping that it turns into love, but there are numerous foundations on which a relationship can be built upon. Love is one of them, but there are so many other reasons that a relationship can come into existence.

    Love is a peculiar thing. While most men may have a noted preference for younger women, it can happen between any two people and can be pursued by any couple so long as no laws are broken. But preference is just one reason why older men are dating younger women.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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