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International Matchmaking: Why Foreigners Prefer Asian Women

Two asian women talking
Asian women have a special place in foreign men’s hearts.

Interracial dating is a hallmark of contemporary society in today’s reality, and has allowed for an influx of varying mindsets, attitudes, cultures, and racial diversities to flourish in the major urban centers that comprise the modern world.

It’s widely accepted and taboo-free in today’s day and age, and it isn’t that difficult to realize why this phenomenon is so commonplace.

The varying ethnicities and races on Planet Earth just so happen to exist in an era wherein society tolerates the widespread interaction, mingling, and dating of these very different people, allowing a sense of community and freedom to foster in the populations of progressive nations.

If you live in an urban area, take one look out the window at any given time of the day, and you surely won’t be surprised to see a large amount of intercultural couples going about their personal business in the open - hanging out in parks, cafes, restaurants - you name it.

The world’s races are all collectively inter-dating each other - each with their own individual preferences and reasons for wanting to find love with other people from other similarly diverse and culturally rich backgrounds. These interactions have become so normal that we usually don’t even think twice about it now.

The advent of online dating sites and personalized dating applications have successfully been able to facilitate legitimate, fulfilling, long-distance unions between potential partners from different races - some of which eventually foster into long term, real-life relationships.

In fact, the amount of services providing this type of platform is uncanny - there are so many of them online today, and many of them cater to Westerners seeking Asian partners in specific.

So just what exactly is it that makes these two attractive? You’ll find out below - but not without a quick history lesson to provide some much-needed context. So:

Let’s take a quick trip back in time to shed light on the history of Asian-American interaction.

Foreigners have had a preference for Asians for a long time now actually.

For those of you who grew up watching reruns of Miss Saigon (or saw it with your parents), you know how the American soldiers used to get intimate with the local Vietnamese at the height of the war. American involvement in Asian nations saw a whole lot of this happening - which isn’t that surprising to say the least.

However, many races that currently occupy America have similar origins in their arrival to the US compared with Asians, who began migrating there around the turn of the century.

When the industrial age of innovation began to augment the landscape with new railroad systems and modernized city planning, the growing economic strength of the United States attracted an influx of varying races that flocked there and reap the benefits of the endless opportunities that came with the economic boom.

Job opportunities were highly abundant, and the mass migrations of different cultures was a direct response to the heightened demand for labor, manpower, and intellectual expertise as the urbanization of the Western world began to spread.

An Asian lady with glasses
Many Western-Asian couples were introduced to each other through a matchmaking agency.

Hundreds of thousands of people from different regions of Europe and Asia began seeking better lives in the United States, eventually proceeding to settle there and create their own families. This went on to further add to the diverse melting pot of cultures and races that comprised the Western gene pool, which subsequently went on to give rise to the immense degree of racial diversity that we see today.

Fast forward back to our current era:

Many aspects of human socialization are now manageable and performable on virtual platforms, particularly dating. Online dating has transformed into a revolutionary medium for people all across the globe to connect with (and form intimate relationships with) potential partners of their racial or sexual preference.

The underlying attraction between races has now been able to flourish into full-blown interracial relationships through these extraordinary platforms - one pairing being Western-Asian relationships for example.

A whole lot of matchmaking services involve international matchmaking. Old-school Asian traditions revolved around a human matchmaker, but now the wonders of the internet have replaced that with technology. In fact, lots of Western-Asian pairing were formed through these exact platforms, which allowed them to form inseparable bonds with one another.

We know the roots of Asian and Western attraction goes way back, but what are the specific aspects of the two races that they each enjoy about each other?

Asian women and Westerners have a wide array of quirks and dating preferences that attract one another. Consider this: some (but not all) Asian guys have a uniquely reserved nature to them - an unassertive inhibition that’s culturally rooted in shyness. On the other hand, Western men enjoy being the assertive partner who likes to take the lead and control the flow of things - which lots of Asian girls enjoy (but again, not all of them are this way).

Conversely, the outgoing and larger than life personalities of Western women tend to be less attractive to some Western men compared to the calm demeanor and docile behavior that Asian ladies tend to embody.

It’s fairly easy to get desensitized with the world around you, especially with the options available in your local dating pool. When you’ve lived most of your life in a certain country or region, you can’t help but consider looking for greener pastures in other facets.

In the eyes of foreigners, the exotic personalities and physical traits of most Asian females is something that they find highly appealing, since they tend to fit in with the “exotic” beauty standards of Western culture. Similarly, many Asian cultures derive beauty in fair complexion and other Western physical traits, which is another underlying factor that draws the two races to one another.

Asian women age like fine wine, to top it all off. This unique aspect in their biology is why foreigners enjoy both young and older Asian ladies alike.

A woman using a laptop
Asian women age like fine wine.

Asian girls are highly inclined to being good at parenting and housewife duties, and Westerners appreciate the way these girls make houses feel like actual homes. Their gentle and affectionate demeanor is a soft touch that resonates very well with Western men.

In terms of financial support and sustainability, foreign men tend to be able to have the ability to provide this stable security, and their ability to maintain and develop family values perfectly complements the genuine hospitality of these females.

These two cultures are very different from each other in many different ways, but like most things, opposites do tend to attract.

These are the variables that impact the intrinsic connection between Asian females and international men in the modern internet landscape. This is why many of these two classes can locate the right match between one another through personalized matchmaking - a cornerstone of every matchmaking agency.

Foreign men can meet their perfect match - the Asian wife of their dreams using services such as these, and vice versa.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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